Blogspiration: Layllah Style

Hey loves, can I be the first to say that I am happy to see the end of this week! TGIF Fo'Real! Anywhoo without this turning into one of my many infamous venting sessions, I must focus on the good and celebrate the magic of each day.

One of the many things I have planned to do on the Black Diamond Series is to showcase some of the blogs where I draw inspiration, so anything fashion and non-fashion related, including design, decor and any other cool and creative element that tickles my fancy.

This week the focus is on fashion. Enter Kay Lynn and Cari Rene of Layllah Style. I discovered these two amazing sisters a few weeks ago on Instagram... for those of you who don't know I live on the 'Gram! Kay Lynn and Cari Rene are just bomb! I literally cannot get enough of their style. These girls know how to work monochrome and literally anything leather. And can I just say looking at these ladies gives me the realest kind of body envy, legit!!!

They even get me to the point where I wish it was Winter time over here so I could pull out all my leather items shamelessly without having to worry about baking my internal organs from the Summer heat!

Check out more of their style here or check them out on Instagram @layllahstyle.



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