All greyed out

Hello everybody

Been such a crazy busy week and all this rain with its gloomy grey clouds has been making me feel very bleh. I am grateful for the rain but I am not loving the gridlocked traffic or the fact that my eating habits have just plunged into Winter mode. Anyway no more whining and moaning for me.

In more sunnier times, my partner in crime Ofentse and I took a few shots of this look. I'm all about embracing my curves now. Those who know me know that I have always shyed away from putting my curves on display because I have never been comfortable with my body even when I was skinny as a stick or when I was thickalicious! Lol because that's my body, always changing!

In my bursts of inspiration and after lots of bikram yoga sessions I'm in a place where I am at peace with my body. Finally. Its awesome, its flawed, everything works as it should, every single day it does amazing things constantly without me even being aware and most importantly its Mine.

Special shout out to Grace for keeping my face beater than beat! In the words of my beloved Tamar Braxton "you kept my face dusted honey!"

Outfit details below:

Dress  -
Shoes  -  Forever New
Bag  -  Acsessorize
Earrings  -  Lovisa



  1. Hahaha thickalicious. Looking great as ever and the makeup is on point. Keep the posts. No1 blog fun

  2. Looking great!!!! Love the dress

    1. That was me realise I was posting anonymouslyrics I do that know how to change that. Taku

  3. Loooooovveeeeeee that dresse n shoooooessss woooo