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Hello party people 

I had such an awesome response to my birthday post, thank you all for taking the time to read my musings, sharing the link to my post and for your touching comments. It was so overwhelming that I couldn't help but climb into my feelings, in a good way of course. My birthday was awesome I got spoiled rotten by family and friends and I enjoyed an awesome, much needed break in Zanzibar. I promise to not dedicate anymore blog posts to me turning 30, it’s a wrap!  


Post all the birthday merrymaking, I have been struggling with a down swing in terms of my general mood due to some personal issues but c’estla vie. I have also been really troubled by all the things happening in the world lately with all the terror attacks, the police killings in the U.S. even Brexit has got me feeling some type of way. 


It’s hard not to get caught up in this cloud of doom and gloom. I also suffer from the affliction of over-thinking so my thoughts on all of these tragic events have been a song and dance of mental torment. In as much as behind the scenes for this shoot I was laughing and cracking jokes you can see exactly where my overall headspace was simply by looking at the expression on my face.


It got me thinking about just how powerful our thoughts can be. Our moods can literally be determined by our thoughts at any given moment. I know that was a very Kardashian-like thing to say, please forgive me. In all seriousness the way life works is that there will always be heart-wrenching stories in the news, things people do or say, with or without intent, may hurt you, often times things won’t go according to plan in spite of your best efforts.  Without sounding completely pessimistic, these are the facts of life. How we choose to look at these dark chapters in life makes all the difference. 


What would life be like if we looked at life’s challenges with an open heart? Without fear? What if we looked at hardships as pathways to growth? What if we looked at the things that hurt as lessons? What if we could take our hurts, acknowledge them and just move on without any remnants lingering behind us? What if forgiveness was a once off choice and not something you have to consciously ascribe to as frequently as circumstance requires you to? 


I want to be at that place where all of the above is like breathing, something you do naturally, without thinking. I'm working on a mindset shift, taking it a day at a time. I probably should have warned you that this was one of those posts 😁. Things that have been of great help are journaling, I always underestimate just how freeing it is to put down your thoughts on to paper. On the days when I can get my lazy bum out of bed and make it to those early morning yoga classes I have the best days where my mind is focused and clear. I also started a gratitude jar where at the end of each day I write down the things that I am grateful for that day. Depending on the time of day a good cup of tea or a tall, wide, full to the brim glass of wine has saved me from taking up residence at Breakdown Central! I hope this inspires someone out there who may be struggling through life's ups and downs, know that you are not a hopeless case and the sun will come out and shine again. Please share with me what your methods or tools are for soothing an aching heart in the comments section or on Instagram.


Anyway back to the outfit. For this post I wanted to go for a menswear inspired look, but with a sultry feel to it. I swear I must be the only nutcase in Johannesburg willing to wear a crop top in the middle of July (Winter time in Southern Hemisphere) but I was committed to this look, that’s got to count for something, right? When I saw this top it was love at first sight, I loved how delicate it was. I'll confess I was trying to invoke my inner Rihanna in her “Kiss it better” music video sans black and white visuals and walking around bare-chested. I love the song, I love the video and I love her!


The details of the outfit are as follows:

Jacket  -  H&M

Top  -  Zara

Pants  -  Edgar's  

Shoes  -  Schutz

Earrings  -  Lovisa   


Thank you all so much for your continued support! 








  1. Banange I am going through the sameee thing. Working on my mindset and realisinh how powerful the mind is. I listen to caroline leaf - switch on your brain and also gratitude is very powerful, train your mind to always focus on the postive and also what u want. Dnt live in what you see right now.

  2. Hey Sis.. yet another great topic and fabulous writing from you. Am always mesmerised by your discussions.

    One thing life has taught me is to learn to how to declutter my mind.

    We can not save the entire world but we can pray for it. We can not carry everyone's burden but we can listen.

    We have the authority to choose what our mind sets on. Cause today it's one thing and tomorrow it's another. Yet time does not cease to tick.��

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  4. This is a really relevant topic at the moment. I was asking myself "how does one acclimatize to death? ". We know it's going to happen, so what do we do to prepare? Focus on life and treat death like the elephant in the room? Die ourselves so we don't have to see our loved ones leave?
    I know it's a depressing comment but maybe someone has ideas.