Tardy to the Party!


So I totally missed the boat on the January New Year New Me blogger bandwagon... I am so bad I have also missed the whole February "Month of Love" setup as well! I was trying to find my focus and direction and also I was just being a lazy bum. But luckily for me I am not one of those people who feel weird for wishing people blessings in the new year in May! Hope 2017 is off to a promising and pleasant start so far for you. From my side, the new year has started off peacefully, lots of rest, introspection, planning. I am loving my new home and all the extra space. Happy Month of Love to all those who celebrate and while I am at all the other significant days I may have missed!

In the spirit of my tardiness seeing as its my first post of the year, I am going to hold on to that festive cheer that all the other bloggers who were on schedule had and stick to my theme of new beginnings and because I am lazy like that. I am painfully aware that this warm, fuzzy beginning of the year feeling won't last and as the highs and lows of the year get underway, it's always a challenge maintaining positive feelings and thoughts. As the days, months and year unfolds there are so many demands placed on us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Everything from work pressures, family obligations, commitments and promises we have made to others as well as our selves. All of this can often leave us feeling depleted and unhappy.

Queue in self-care. From my understanding of what "self-care" is it is taking time out to do or engage in activities that nurture you. It is a fool-proof way to be as kind to yourself as you are to others. Self-care can be anything from filling your home with your favorite flowers and candles, taking yourself out for a solo meal, having a matcha tea ritual or stocking up your library with great reads. It can be whatever makes you feel fulfilled and replenished. One of my friends is religious about her biweekly mani, pedi, thread and wax appointments.

One of my go to self-care practices, as some of you may have seen from Insta Story feed, is every Saturday morning I take myself out for a healthy breakfast, Kindle in toe, and for an hour or two I indulge in a good book, great coffee or a protein shake and good food. My favorite breakfast spots at the moment are Motherland Coffee in Rosebank and I love the Avo Sriracha toast and peanut butter bomb protein shake at Kauai. I am also big on flowers in the home.

For those of you who have a self-care practice going, share some of your practices with me. About this look, I wanted to go for a really feminine look and who better to look to for style inspiration than my beloved Tracee Ellis Ross. Shout out to my hair and natural lashes for coming to the party. I bought this skirt a long time ago (more like a year ago) but it was always too big for me... the one good thing that has come out of my December chunkiness is that this skirt finally fits.

Details of this look are below:

Top  -  Zara
Skirt  -  Spree
Shoes  -  Steve Madden
Earrings  -  Lovisa



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