Lovables for the day

I am a self-confessed shoe lover. In fact I can boldly say that my love for footwear may just well  bankrupt me one day. Being an entry-level member of the work-force may mean I don't have a whole lot in terms of income to splurge on expensive shoes, however, this minor detail somehow has not seemed to stop me from jumping on all the latest trends in footwear.

My big love at the moment has got to be Wedge Sneaker Heels, I just cannot get enough! Isabel Marant's designs are absolutely amazing and celebs are just as crazy about wedge sneakers as I am.


There are some adorable variations for us regular folks who can't afford a pair of Isabel Marant's so that we don't get struck with a serious case of FOMO.

A lot of retail outlets have them instore or alternatively order a pair online (Like I did!)


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