Post Break-up Style

There is nothing like going through a difficult, messy break-up and it is probably a thousand times worse when you have to do it in the public eye. It's hard enough trying to deal with your post break-up meltdown, after one too many glasses of red wine, in front of friends and family but to have to do it with the whole world watching is literally chronic migraine inducing.

One lady currently dealing with the tragic end of a tumultuous relationship, has been doing what any normal woman would do, stepping out dressed to kill. Rihanna has been spotted looking incredible after her recent, ugly break-up with Chris Brown. Let me be the first to say that their break-up was music to my ears. I think these two former lovebirds are way too toxic for each other and its better they called it quits now before we had to wake up to another messy domestic violence incident.    

She is clearly sending out a message to her estranged ex, reminding him just what he is missing out on. Cheer up Rih, there are plenty of eligible bachelors ready to sweep you off your feet. Until then BFF Melissa Forde, a World Tour and millions of devoted fans lapping up your style will keep the loneliness at bay.


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