Baroque on Baroque

Hope everyone enjoyed the public holiday today, there's nothing like a welcomed break from the regular working week just to let you catch your breath. For some reason my friends and I have been feeling uber social of late and milking every drop of entertainment we can out of the Joburg nightlife. Just between you and I... and all those who knew me during my college years, I am all partied out. I don't want to hit any nightspots for a while, Gracias. The middle-aged woman inside of me is more than happy to spend a good Friday night, under the covers with a good book or a movie.

So out we went, in that Autumn chill, me longing for a pair of socks and my trusty heater, to a party we had been invited to. Let me just say this worked out a whole lot better than our Freedom Day plans.  

I wore a black blazer from Mr Price, printed leggings from Factorie, a sheer black high-low top and black platform pumps from Edgars