So much to celebrate!

Hello my lovelies, apologies for being so MIA this month, I was writing my last attorneys admission exam and I am speaking life into the situation and trusting that God's grace, love and mercy have pulled me through. That's definitely something to celebrate, the first of a quite a few in this post.
The Second thing to celebrate is that I have hit the 5000 mark in terms of page views! This is really exciting because I started this blog thinking no one would even read it besides my friends who were forced to by virtue of our friendship!  It's been such a wonderful experience watching my little brain child grow and develop. A huge thank you to all who have given me great feedback and encouraged me along the way.
Third thing, The Black Diamond Series is officially a partner with Cityblis! Cityblis is an online community that allows readers to discover the latest fashion trends direct from the designers themselves. Cityblis allows readers to find cool fashion, start new trends, hear exclusive stories and buy unique pieces from around the world. It is a community of creative talents and fashion savvy people. Cityblis is empowering designers to build their brands by working with fashion magazines, fashion networks, procurement houses, runway and trade shows all under one roof to let designers do what they do best – design great fashion. And I get to be a part of all of this! Yay! For more information on Cityblis, click here.

Fourth thing, a really great career opportunity has come up for me for 2014, I have been offered a permanent position with a beeeeg bank! I can't say too much yet because I haven't signed anything and as any decent lawyer would tell you, it's all in the fine print. I am super excited at the prospect and I am all for new beginnings and trying my hand at something different.
Fifth thing, can you believe all of this favour and blessing in my life? back to the fifth thing, my family got some really great news yesterday, more specifically my Dad, there was this mountain of a problem that plagued our family for a really long time... can't go in to too much detail... but all of it, as in ALL OF IT, came to a sudden end yesterday! I know it doesn't make much sense reading this but the point of all of this is to reflect on how gracious and merciful God really is, that in the midst of every storm, when you can see no way out, God will always come through and shine his glory in our lives and in our circumstances.
And the last thing, although not entitely new news, my big sister is having another baby! My niece will be making her grand debut in November this year! I am so excited and I can't wait to meet her and spoil her and pick cute outfits for her to wear! It's going to be awesome!!!



  1. When are you having a baby and tying the knot?