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Hello beautiful people

I have to be dead honest... the US Election results have shaken me to my core. I'm totally in shock that someone like that, having said and done the things he has, will now be at the helm of "the greatest country in the world". Words fail me. 



Had to get the tough news out of the way! In putting this post together I went through a few drafts. I didn't like the direction the post was going because I was moaning and complaining about a whole host of things... I'm pretty good at whining! Something about body image and just being tired.

However in the wake of what is happening in the world right now I think now more than ever, in the times of State Capture, Reality TV Star bigots winning the White House and ratings downgrade, taking on a positive approach is the only way to survive. It seems to be the only way to be.



In moments like these we just have to hold on to all the good things and if you look inward there are plenty of good things to not only acknowledge but to be grateful for. We have to look to the things that inspire us and drive us and channel our energies towards that. I also think now more than ever, we need to stop being spectators in society but to take active steps, no matter how small, to change things for the better.

Without making this post completely politically geared, I have to say Hillary Clinton's concession speech was incredible. I posted an excerpt on my Instagram page but I want to post it here for someone who may be feeling lost as a woman... 

..."And to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and to achieve your own dreams."...



In the face of defeat her words give me courage and remind me to keep going in spite of the obstacles ahead.

Back to the clothes right? On this day I was fah-heeling myself as you can see from the big smile on my face and all that sass! And for some reason my left hand just couldn't stay off my left hip! Here are the outfit details below.




T-shirt  -  Cotton On
Skirt  -  H&M
Heels  -  Zoom 
Necklace  -  Mr Price 
Earrings  -  H&M

Makeup done by my beloved Busi 😘 @Pumelo_makeup 

I know this was a somber post but do not lose heart!




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