All I want for my birthday is a...

My birthday is in a few days, 4 days to be exact and like all my birthdays since I hit the 25 mark, I am always a quite anxious because I feel OLD! Most of my friends are slightly younger than me and they have taken to this ageing thing like ducks to water, they've all been very excited to turn 25 and are even more excited to turn 30! I will be dead honest, that number sparks a genuine fear in me... for a lot of reasons. It feels like I was 17 just the other day and here I am 10 years later and things aren't as rosy as I had pictured in my then teenage mind. For one thing I would never have guessed that in 10 years I would be a debt-ridden statistic!
This year, I am trying to ease myself into this pending birthday and take the time out to reflect and appreciate the life I have. Without sounding too sombre, growing older is in fact a privilege that many young folk don't always get to experience.  
I decided to compile a list of 27 things that I am grateful for, in celebration of my 27th year...
  1. The most wonderful parents in the WHOLE world
  2. Crazy but oh so loving siblings
  3. My favourite and only nephew, Ibrahim
  4. Friends... far too many to even list, who allow me the liberty to just be myself
  5. Health, yes I have gained a few kilos this year but I am healthy with more curves than I know what to do with
  6. mama didn't raise no fool! 
  7. A promising career
  8. A challenging but rewarding job... these are indeed tough economic times
  9. A roof over my head in the form of my gorgeous apartment
  10. I am almost debt free... hanging tough
  11. The arts, literature and film
  13. Tea in any shape or form
  14. Pizza, as far as I am concerned there is nothing yummier!
  15. SHOES, SHOES, SHOES, I can never have enough!
  16. The freedom to choose who and what I want to be
  17. The ability to speak my mind
  18. Being alive in a time where free thought and creativity are encouraged
  19. Music... From Beyonce to Khadja Nin, even Two Chainz and his nonsensical lyrics
  20. Make-up, I simply just love it, all of it
  21. A heart to travel and explore this gorgeous planet
  22. Fun nights out dancing with my friends
  23. Glasses of crisp Rose wine
  24. Romantic comedies...what can I say, I am a cheesefest  
  25. VERSATILE HAIR, see my ode to hair here
  26. I am an African and proud
  27. No matter what happens in life, there is always a chance to do better and learn from the mistakes of the past
With all this said here is my birthday wish list, nothing too fancy you know...

  • Black patent leather pointed pumps
  • A bouquet of pink roses
  • Black ankle boots
  • An Aztec print jacket
  • Rose gold watch
  • Daisy by Marc Jacobs eau de toilette
  • Ipad 3
  • MAC Powder
Not gonna happen right? A girl can dream *sigh*...



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