Power Dressing

My friend Busani asked me to run a post on office wear and how far one can go when it comes to being fashionable but still maintaining professionalism. Busani and I are both lawyers so we work in very conservative environments were frumpy pants or skirt suits are the order of the day. I am not a fan of the old school pants suit with the bootleg flare at all, its not flattering, I don't think it makes you look "powerful", in fact it just says to me that you don't know how to pick the right size for your shape. Trends actually show more colour, prints, embellishing and patterns when it comes to office wear and most importantly good tailoring.

I suppose the answer to how to dress for work all depends on what environment you are in. If you are in a creative environment, I guess anything goes and there is more room for you to push the boundaries with your work style. So bright coloured pants, full on leather skirts and green shoes if you will. 

I sort of do my own thing when it comes to office wear obviously striving to be office appropriate and not force Human Resources hand over my wardrobe. There are certain rules that should be a staple though if you are trying remain professional. I think under no circumstances should your belly button or bare midriff feature in your work attire, that's a no-no!
Also be careful with hemlines, I 'll be the first to admit I love short skirts and short fitted dresses but I always pair up those items with opaque tights or stockings because no one needs to be ogling at my thighs in the middle of a consultation! Also low back or backless dresses are too sexy for the boardroom, keep those for another occasion not a dull day sitting behind your desk!
Take a look at my interpretation of what office looks work that are colourful, tasteful and professional. 





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