Birthday vibe

Monday was my birthday and in spite of it being on a Monday, it was a good birthday. I had a really relaxed day, even at work and I felt all mushy inside from all the phone calls, e-mails, texts, visits, virtual and actual hugs. In spite of my mother's fears and concerns about my current marital status, I am feeling quite positive about what this new year holds for me, I see good things to come. In celebration of this new year ahead of me, I am sporting a new look.

My new pixie cut
My awesome friends Tiyani and Zani took me out for a lovely dinner that night at one of my favourite restaurants, Metro at Benmore... *so many good memories there*
Here are some birthday pictures including the most adorable flowers ever that I recieved as a gift. You will note the heavy coat and the scarf, as luck would have it,  every year it seems that Winter decides to show its full face on the 10th of June, so my birthdays are always icy cold...*sigh* 



I also finally went to see the Great Gatsby...MIND BLOWN! That film literally left me haunted for two days, I felt like I wanted to go back and fix everything so that there wouldn't be such a heartbreaking ending but alas I am not F. Scott Fitzgerald or Baz Luhrmann.
I can't get over the theme song by Lana Del Rey "Young and Beautiful" and it so appropriate now that I am getting older... the lyrics are haunting.


  1. Happy birthday once again amigo. awesome post