Gladiators in Suits

So I finally started watching Scandal (the Fixer on South African screens)... so late, I know. I am always late when it comes to series, partly because I am as stubborn as a mule and I hate getting into things because thats what everybody else is doing. So I usually resist the urge to go with the crowd and I can proudly say I have not read nor intend to read Fifty Shades of Grey.

Anway, so I totally love that show and I am all in it, that and Being Mary Jane. I love the fashion in that show and Olivia Pope makes me want to grab my old wide leg pants I discarded for slimmer fit. However the style darling in that show for me is Mr Harrison Wright, played by Columbus Short.

I love the cut of his suits,his bold print on print palette, the use of soft colours like pink and lavendar against the deep greys and dont get me started on the suspenders *swoon*

He makes it seem so effortless, dear future husband, you have officially received the memo when it comes to work attire! This post was inspired by my buddy Kea Modingwana whose style is oh so very Harrison Wright, paisley ties and all!



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