A brand new kind of me

Hi loves

I know its been a long while since I posted anything of sense and I am really sorry, I will try to reign in my hiatuses and keep them minimal. So a couple of things have changed since my last post.

I finally cut my hair and I am now sporting a teeny weeny afro.

I also started my new job on Monday, excitement does not even begin to describe how I feel. I finally said goodbye to long endless nights of photocopying, wading through agreements that I barely understand, running around preparing transaction bundles or bundles for counsel.

I work at a bank which means I get to ease up on my oh-so-serious lawyer uniform of black and white... although most people I worked with will tell you I was never really good at sticking to that conservative palette. So I was inspired to post a follow up on office appropriate wear bearing in mind that I now have a little more room for creativity.

This was more of an exercise for myself because I bought a whole bunch of stuff from Mango and then I was like how do I actually put these clothes together. FYI Red lipstick is going to be a regular feature in my style posts, you have been warned!



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