Winter must haves

#Howdoyousolveaproblemlikebelinda the reason for the lack of posts lately is purely based on third world issues! Connectivity! I haven't been able to get into my Blogger profile... firstly because I can't access the Blogger site at my job because lo and behold I actually have to work, secondly the wifi thing at our house is just not happening. But I'm hopeful and in the interim I will try out this Blogger app for android and see how that works out.

Over the last few weeks I had so many posts swimming in my head hopefully I will remember some of them... strike while the iron is hot they say.

As winter creeps it's head back into the Southern hemisphere I'm always excited because my birthday falls in winter and of course I love winter style. So here's my guide to winter 2014.

Chunky knitwear, oversized coats, utility jackets, sequins, miniskirts, distressed denim, boyfriend jeans and varsity jackets.


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