Spring is here!

I am so glad Winter is over even though the weather has been playing tricks on us what with all these strange cold fronts and cold, rainy weekends. As I said in my last post, I feel like I have nothing to wear and I spend so long agonising over what outfit I am going to pull out of my closet. Everything in my closet now is all about winter, lots of sweaters, jackets and boots and ya'll know it is way too hot for that mess! So if you are like me and you are lacking inspiration, I have come to your rescue!
Short onesies/jumpsuit...


Printed summer dresses


Midi skirts and crop tops



Shorts, shorts and more shorts...

How cute is this?

White mini's

 So there you have it, make the most of the warm weather and soak up the sun!



  1. Great post with practical solutions