Hi to all of my wonderful readers, apologies for the lack of content in the last few months. I feel like I am apologising a lot for my inability to fully pour myself into this blog but I hope you will receive my apologies nonetheless. Like I mentioned a few months ago, a lot of real life things have been happening from losing loved ones, welcoming new little ones into my family, watching friends tie the knot and embark on forever, a whole lot of bridesmaid activities and more work than I even know what to do with.
Here is a little glimpse of what the last few months have been like...
Lost my grandmother in September

My dear friend Andie got married

The blushing bride

My friends Leah and Enoch tied the knot

Leah and Enoch's bridal party
My sweet munchkin niece Soraya was born in October
I just want to thank everyone reading this post for the support, I hit the 10 000 mark YAY!!! I am very humbled because in spite of a lack of new posts there has still been substantial traffic and its a humbling affirmation that someone out there is interested in my ramblings and musings. I am truly thankful.
Very random post, I know... but I have a whole lot of ideas for the direction I want the blog to go in come 2014, so watch this space! 



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