For the fellas: About that suit life!

I am so excited about this post, as per usual, this post is a result of conversations I have had with friends and family about The Black Diamond Series. My friend David was looking for advice seeing as wedding season is coming up and what to actually wear at such auspicious gatherings. Between September and December, I am part of two weddings and I will be an attendant at about three other weddings, so I know exactly where he is coming from. Seeing as I already have a post on what not to wear for ladies, this post is for the fellas.

There is absolutely nothing sexier than a man in a good suit. It's an incredible exhibition of the pride a man takes in himself and his image, you automatically want to get to know him. People assume that a man in a good suit has his life together and has something important to say... whether that is true or not is totally debatable. Its fickle and superficial but that's the world we live in.
I don't think that suits should only be reserved for weddings and special occasions but that's just my opinion, I leave it to the discretion of the suit-wearer bearing in mind that it would obviously be completely inappropriate to show up at a barbecue in a three-piece suit. There is this young gentleman who comes to eat lunch at our firm with my friend Keith, he  wears a full suit everyday and he looks amazeballs!
Anywhoo, I was pretty surprised at all the variations and ways in which you can style a suit. Plus men are spoilt for choice when it comes to designers, from D&G to Armani and my personal favourite Tom Ford. On the local scene Zano Skorzch is tearing up the fashion scene with his menswear line.

Here are some styling ideas.
Dark hues...

Grey and striped...

For the more adventurous and daring...


I don't know much about buying a suit but I have a feeling that finding a good fit must be quite a mission, there is no such thing as one size fits all. With that said, tailoring can take a suit from being a good fit to an amazing fit. Make use of a good tailor to get the desired effect.

If you struggle to pick suits and style it up, a good tailor/stylist/girlfriend/wife/all-of-the-above, can take you from hott mess terrain like this...

 To this...
The results speak for themselves! The world is always ready to embrace a well dressed man, FACT! Bear that in mind the next time you show up at wedding dateless, you will be pleasantly surprised how many more single ladies will be vying for that bouquet.

I will leave you with one of my favourite tracks at the moment, Tom Ford by Jay-z off the Magna Carta album. 



  1. Dolce and Gabbana always splendid, with exceptional detail, tailoring at its best. Then comes the affordability but a serious guy must have a tailor..."if you cant buy it... get it made"..a lovely post...a focus on men's shoes would also be good, that's if you have the time ofcos ...not enforcing myself on your blog...

  2. Thank you, I saw Dolce & Gabbana's most recent collection and it was just magic! Keep an eye out for that post on men's shoes.

  3. Thank you miss... I will be on the lookout..

    Great you saw the 2013-2014 collection..just heaven..I really felt like I was in a garden chapel in Italy praying..praying to God.