Ankle-straps are back

Last weekend I saw the most uber fabulous heels at Zara, I know what you are thinking, with my finances looking so poor I have absolutely no business being in any store of any kind. I know and believe me it was brutal accepting that I absolutely cannot have any of the items on display. But that doesn't mean I can't look right? How else is a girl supposed to keep her finger on the fashion pulse? Besides the fact that these highly coveted heels were way too pricey for me they were also ridiculously high.
Strappy heels are definitely in and have received a much welcomed makeover. So those prom style sandals you had with a thousand and one rhinestones and diamante detailing need not be pulled out of the crevices of your wardrobe. Sandal heels now come in an array of colours and styles giving them a more modern feel.


Steve Madden


For a more neutral pallete and just so you get to wear them more often, strappy heels in metallic hues are the way to go without looking too Prom-like.

Alexander McQueen



Steve Madden


Strappy heels make for a great day or night look...


Thandi Newton

Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian


I have often heard that girls with thick ankles or with short legs should not wear shoes with an ankle strap because this has the effect of shortening the leg even more or highlighting the chubbiness of the ankles. I unforunatley have the misfortune of suffering from both conditions, but try and stop me from jumping on to this trend.
My only concern is that now you have to commit to having your toes well pedicured and your feet looking immaculate. Your feet will be on full display and no one wants to see chipped nail polish, callouses or corns and God forbid cracked heels!


  1. i love to wear high heels in each and in every trend it makes style very stylish..!!