Mint condition

I am clearly a sucker for pain, it’s either that or I am a super slow learner, I don’t know. I have been having a bit of car trouble over the last week so I made an appointment to have it checked out this week, the dealership doesn’t work on weekends, go figure. I drove to a mall close to home on Saturday afternoon to run some errands, and as luck would have it, I happened to stumble upon a great sale at this cute shoe store, R99 (roughly $10) on ALL shoes in store! Crazy right! Owing to my current economic situation, I could only afford two pairs.

As I walked back to my car, very pleased with myself and my bargain hunting ways, I felt a slight pang of guilt but I quickly brushed it aside. I got in my car and started the engine and nothing… the car refused to start. I was stuck at the mall with a broken down car, these things only happen to me! Serves me right for not staying at home when I knew full well that my car had issues. Serves me even more right for going shopping knowing full well that my pockets have even more issues and coming out with shoes that I probably didn’t need. On the bright side, I have two new, fabulous pairs of heels to add to my growing collection.

Ah well, seeing as I am car-less for the next week or so, my shoe game is going to be on full display. I found these mint shoes in the back of my closet, hadn’t worn them in a while so I thought why not. I love pastel colours so I teamed the shoes up with one of my favourite crossbody bags.

Being car-less means a lot more time on my hands…


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