Don't be the inappropriate wedding guest!

I love weddings they are the ultimate celebration of love. All the time, effort and preparation that goes in to the actual planning of the big day is all worth it when you see the blushing bride in all white walk down the aisle towards her groom and they live happily ever after... well some of them! Wedding season is definitely here, so while the sun is still out and the weather still friendly, many couples have chosen this time of the year to have their nuptials witnessed. Being twenty-something has brought along with it many wedding invitations and bridesmaid requests and I am pretty sure there are more to follow.
So, I am going to a wedding this weekend and after my shoe disaster I am a tad concerned about what I am going to wear. I have a few go-to wedding dresses in my closest which I have worn to a few weddings but now I am wondering when is it one wedding too much? Twice? Three times maybe? Is it ok if you wear that same dress for the fourth wedding in a row and just don't post any of the latest pictures on Facebook? Or is it time to come up with Plan B?
If you are anything like me a large number of dresses in you current arsenal are the type of dresses that should never be worn at a wedding. I am talking  super short skimpy bodycon dresses with leopard print detail, onesies with an open-lace back, short skater dresses with plunging necklines or the dreaded "young professional" A-length type of dress. Not a plan at all! 
So what does one wear to a wedding without reaching for your credit card? I am taking it upon myself to  figure this question out and dispell any myths or misconceptions of what we can and cannot wear to a wedding.
Let me start with the DON'Ts!
Cutout dresses are a definite no-no

Cutout backless short dresses

No comment!

Too short in as much as I love print

An actual outfit worn by Ciara at Lala Anthony's wedding
The above looks have one thing in common, they belong in the clubs when you are trying to be the "hott chick", definitley not for weddings, Never at weddings! Do not be that girl, you will be turning heads for all the wrong reasons.
And now for the DO's
Nia Long

Jordin Sparks

Kelly Rowland
Sarah Hyland
Zoe Saldana

Gone are the old rules that you cannot wear black or white at a wedding. As long as your white dress doesn't look anything like a wedding gown you're safe. Play around with colour, it will make you stand out for all the right reasons. Keep it classy and make sure you leave something to the imagination. If you do feel somewhat out of your natural fashion element, go bold with your accessories, rock out in your statement heels. 
A clutch bag is an absolute necessity...

Try some chunky jewellery to make your outfit pop

Remember the rules, if you are showing a lot of leg, make sure the top half of your outfit is a little bit more modest, alternatively if you are showing skin on the top half of your body, go for a longer hemline.
Make sure your hair and makeup bring out your best features, your face is your money-maker regardless of what you wear.  Pair an up do with dramatic drop earrings, for a strapless dress pair up a statement neckpiece.


  1. hahahhaha love it, although I dont necessarily agree with all the DO'S like Beyonce and Jordan Spark...(Lol)

    Interesting Read gal :-)

    1. Lol they are looking modest but still sexy...