A side order of change

I feel super excited about life right now, please indulge me with a teeny moment to throw some positive energy into the atmosphere.
Firstly, thank you all for taking the time out to support this growing labour of love, I appreciate all the positive feedback, all the constructive criticism and all the page views, it is all really humbling and super inspiring.
Secondly, I just want to ramble a bit about “CHANGE”. Change is everywhere, in every aspect of our lives. From changes that affect our careers to changes to our bodies as we get older. It can all be quite overwhelming. We don’t always like it and sometimes the changes in our lives are a difficult fit for us. The last eight months were a really interesting period of change for me and the more I resisted, the harder things seemed. I was conflicted with a million thoughts such as if I accept all the changes I am currently experiencing without questioning them, where does that leave me? Will I still be staying true to myself? Will I be accepting the status quo as purely a means to fit in? Do I even want to fit in? How far am I prepared to go in order to stand out? Have any of you ever felt like this? Anxiety 101 right?!?
There is power in how we tackle the changes in our lives. Another transition period is approaching but in this new season I am not allowing myself to be anxious or fearful. The seasons are changing, I am entering a new phase in my life as I grow a year older, I am opening myself up to try different things, I am even considering a possible new career choice altogether. What’s there to not to be excited about?
Change is inevitable, it surrounds us, it’s perfectly ok to question it and to not always warm up to it at first. One thing is for sure, when you take the time to embrace the changes in your life, it is completely freeing. I am also learning now (slowly) that even negative change is often for our own good, there is always a lesson to be learned. Someone gave me some really great advice last week saying that we often become so preoccupied with all the things we think we are lacking or not receiving in life that we totally overlook and miss the things that we actually are pretty fortunate to already have and the things we are currently receiving. Life is beautiful, life is happening and it is such a precious and wondrous gift.
Being broke has clearly brought out the inner philosopher within me!


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