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One thing that I love about Fashion Week is the renewed sense of energy I get viewing gorgeous garment after gorgeous garment. It reminds me just how alive this country is and how alive Africa is, literally bursting with possibilities, sheer talent and creative genius. It makes me feel like I am part of something so special.

The one great thing that comes out of being part of the standby line brigade is all the new talent that I may not have otherwise been exposed to. Last year for SAFW Autumn / Winter, I fell in love with Life by Andre Martin and Lyric Fashion. This year I was introduced to Skorzch, aka Zanozuko Sithetho, an uber talented young designer who in my eyes has single-handedly brought back all the true aesthetic elements of the gentleman. That's right fellas there is plenty for you in this post too.
Zanozuko Sithethho
Here is a look at my round up of Fashion Week, based on the shows I got to see.


All images courtesy of  Simon Deiner / SDR Photo
I must say I preferred her last Spring / Summer collection, however I like the simplistic take she adopted for this collection and the earthy tones mixed with deep red.

Gert Johan Coetzee...

 All images courtesy of  Simon Deiner / SDR Photo
His latest offering was 1000 times better than what we saw last year. It had the right amount of edge and drama for it to still be fashion and not delve into the murky realms of a concept gone wrong. His entire collection was all monochromatic black and white, with lots of feathers, sequins, and some interesting spikey detailing, a fun collection indeed. He ended off the show with a very cool public service announcement, all his models came out with tape over their mouths in support of Shout South Africa, a campaign aimed at targeting the high crime figures within the country.

Loxion Kulca...

All images courtesy of Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

I have to say this collection took me by surprise. I hadn’t heard much from this brand in quite some time and getting to view the brands latest collection was a real treat indeed. The concept seems to be aimed around service of country with military and aviation elements. The theme music was awesome with TKZee’s Fela Kae taking us way back to the nineties. I absolutely loved the edgy street style and felt quite nostalgic longing to be a student again to rock the looks on offer.


All images courtesy of Simon Deiner / SDR Photo
One thing you will always take away from any offering by Ephraim Molingoana is class. This man’s collections are always classy and clean with beautiful tailoring, you almost feel like that particular garment was made specifically for the person wearing it, hand to glove. Keeping right on par with the international designers, his collection boasted garments showcasing both colour blocking and fabric blocking with an interesting mix of leather, jacquard and flannel.

Get a load of the green cat eye, eyeliner on the female models, definitely one to try out.


All images courtesy of Simon / SDR Photo
The superstar of the night in my opinion was Skorzch (pronounced Scorch) as I mentioned above. His collection was all about the gentleman. His collection had a very 1950s New Orleans, southern hospitality, throwback feel to it and in my mind I could hear horns and trumpets in the background. I absolutely loved this collection and I am so excited to watch his career develop and grow. It’s no wonder that he took home the prize as the winner of the 2012 SAFW Renault New Talent Search.


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