How we do...

Fashion Week has come and gone and let me just say it was amazing! For some reason though, I can never get there in time for the shows I have actually paid for. I am always double booking myself and lying to myself that I will leave all the extra plans I made for that day in good time, get home quick and change, get to the venue early enough to sip on the all the free stuff on offer and casually saunter towards the velvet rope separating ticket holders from the standby crowd.

That is yet to happen. I am always late, so late I don’t always get to watch the show I actually paid for. This week was no different to other Fashion Weeks with my poor time management. That afternoon I went to a lovely graduation luncheon hosted by a good friend. My date for the day was my mommy and we got hopelessly lost somewhere between the R21 highway and Nellmapius Drive. Anywhoo the luncheon was super fun, got to catch up with old friends and some awesome people I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

After the luncheon which teetered into dinner, I only managed to leave around 19h45 to get to the 21h00 show. I first drove my mommy back to Pretoria and then drove like a bat out of hell back to Johannesburg. Running late meant no wardrobe change and I had to go to Fashion Week the way I had been dressed that afternoon. By the time I finally found a parking spot it was 21h15!

Long story short, I got to watch the show standing behind the heads and shoulders of at least 25 other people, after pleading with one of the organisers and two burly West African bouncers. I basically couldn’t see anything! My trusty fashion companion Tiyani (@TeyAni) and I made our way to the front of the standby line to place ourselves back at the mercy of the organisers and the two Burly West African Bouncers once again.

Standing in the standby line, something very unexpected happened, Koyo Bala formerly of the group Threesum, walked up to me, in all his fabulosity and said “Hi my honey, I have one extra ticket, its yours”. I was touched by his kind gesture but I couldn’t leave my trusty companion who braved the Autumn chill, expecting to have seen a show that had been paid for, out in that miserable line alone. So I stood in the line for a little bit longer and upon her insistence, went in to make sure we both have decent seats.
Koyo Bala
Like I said, the shows were amazing, lots of celeb-spotting, artsie fartsie types and naturally great fashion.
Here’s a look at my look for the day…

I wore a skater-dress I got from YDE, blazer from Zara, Mary-Janes from Eros and navy opaque tights from Woolies.

Here is a look at Tiyani's ensemble for the day...

Tiyani wore an LBD from Woolies, A parka she bought whilst jetsetting in New York, Booties from Errol Arendz, tights from woolies. She paired her look with a Tory Burch purse.

That's just how we do!


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