Put on your big girl pants and get on with it

So this post is not about fashion, not even a little bit, but for those who are regulars on my blog, you have always been very accommodating of my musings and I ask for your indulgence once again. I am at a cross roads in my life... well I haven't yet reached the crossroad but I can see it in the distance. I don't know where my life is going! All I know is things are moving rather slowly and I am bored and frustrated and I feel somewhat disappointed in myself. Dramatic, I know! But please keep reading I promise this pity party wont take too long...

I am re-assessing some of the choices in my life based on external circumstances and I feel like I need a new beginning, a fresh start, something totally new and different and scary but rewarding. So things have totally fizzled when it comes to my current career hopes and dreams. I am at a point where I am not sure if being a lawyer is even what I want to be. Some tough decision-making times are on the horizon where I must choose between staying in practice or going corporate... those are literally my only two options based once again on external factors.
What I really would like to do with my life right now, is pack a suitcase, fly to Paris, take a thousand photographs, try different foods, drink a lot of good wine and blog about the entire experience. I think that would make me happy.  That can't happen right now because I am still wrestling the mountain that is my credit card debt. Right now I just feel so stuck, like I am not moving forward, I am standing still and it kills me inside! I want to move, I want to go, I want to stop standing still.
I have a morning routine once I get to work. I get in, check my e-mails, make a cup of tea, then sit and look at the latest on Fashion Bomb Daily. For those of who don't know, the FBD is an urban fashion blog headed up by this really cool lady Claire Sulmers. Anywhoo on FBD they have a fashion bombshell and bomber of the day, where fashionistas and fashionistos submit photographs of themselves and their style and basically other readers give their style a yay or nay. Today, like most mornings I checked out the fashion bombshell, Tomilola from Nigeria (based in the UK and a future lawyer too) and I was so inspired by her blog, her bold spirituality and of course her style.

Check out her blog here
She made mention of another blogger called Cyn who is based in New York, loves to travel, loves to thrift shop, goes to music festivals, has gorgeous natural hair and has the most adorable style.

Check out her blog here
Cyn introduced me to another blogger (the last one of the day, promise) called Kera, who doesn't blog about fashion but has a really cool life. She is American with European and Liberian heritage, lives with her husband and three adorable children in Abu Dhabi and has the most honest, heart-warming and inspiring blog I have ever come across. She blogs candidly about how much she loves her husband and kids, her issues with weight, miscarriages she has suffered, getting a boob job and just living life in a world so different from what she is used to. 

Check out her blog here
What struck me most about these women, besides the fact that they are all so beautiful, is that they are all living incredible lives, as Oprah would say "Living your best life". They have struggles and things they have to deal with on the daily but their vigour and passion for life is unwavering. I will be honest, I am so jealous, green with sheer envy because I want what they have. I want a husband and three adorable kids (maybe not three, more like two), I want to travel the world, I want to take awesome photographs and share them, I want a big bush of curly hair, I want a cool wardrobe, I want to be free of this rat-race lifestyle and thinking, I want to inspire people... I want a lot of things!  
All this wanting makes me so aware of the things that I am lacking right now, like the finances to embark on these fantastic missions, job satisfaction, a very tall, handsome husband (I had to throw that in there). On the flip side it also makes me painfully aware of how much of my life I am taking for granted. I am healthy (big bubble-butt and all), I have a job (with options) in these extremely tough economic times, I have an awesome family and great friends, although my finances are in a mess they are being managed, I live in a super cool city that I really should explore more and I have this awesome outlet where I have the liberty to speak frankly about how I feel.
I hereby pledge to seek inspiration from others and allow my dreams all the room they may need to grow, but above all, treasure right now, however imperfect it may currently seem.
The end... see it wasnt so bad right?


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